CoHere is about better Collaboration, productivity and better coherence

CoHere can remarkably improve the way you connect with your co-working group on daily basis. Communication can be made in multichannel with smartness involved in each and in a very organized way, simplifying your task and enabling an easy, coherent working environment.

Video Conferencing

Enjoy high quality HD video conferencing on the go – Anytime & Anywhere. With CoHere, call for a video conference or schedule it for a future date. Attend the conference right from your smartphone or tab.

Web Conferencing

Enjoy seamless, real-time sharing of screens and content with Cohere web conferencing services. Let everyone view the same screen and read the same facts and figure that you do. So, that all of you stay on the same page.

Audio Conferencing

CoHere audio conferencing is flexible, cost effective and customized that enables you to speak with your co-working group on every small and big aspect of your business. With CoHere, enterprises of all sizes will have unlimited possibilities to achieve and save phenomenal cost on travel, resource and save time.


Build a collaborative one-on-one or group messaging environment for a collaborative workspace. Send and receive instant text or voice message at a time when you are busy with something more important.

Your organisation’s success depends on how well you communicate

CoHere App automatically synchronizes across all the devices you are logged in so that you stay in touch at a time you need. Get all the benefits of communication, collaboration and mobility at one place.