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CoHere is an adept tele-presence mobile application enabling the participants to connect with their colleagues and business associates anywhere, anytime. The video, web conferencing solution extends video communication beyond the work space and makes work happen faster, better and in an efficient manner.

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Modern day business has got so much impressive things to embrace. Adopting to the new and the latest technological innovation can help companies achieve their desired objectives. Web Conferencing with CoHere is a step forward to achieving better return on investment.

CoHere is a brilliant solution for all your need to connect with the world, leveraging your enterprise communication model. CoHere has been developed on a solid foundation of technological innovation that includes all modern ways enterprises meet – Web, Video and Audio.

CoHere Web Conferencing is a great way to enhance communications across a business with colleagues and clients. Now, create and share documents applying impressive annotation, highlighting important and crucial facts and figures to showcase. Coupled with features such as Multiparty Conference, Admin Control, Whiteboards, Visual recording and more CoHere comes as the best Web conferencing app of this time.

CoHere is an effortless App-based web conferencing that runs smoothly on both iOS and Android. In addition, it is browser-based also that enables you to call and conduct meetings right from the browser of your laptop or desktop.

Screen sharing, whiteboard presentations, video viewing, file and screen sharing, and collaborative online meeting tools are some of the features of CoHere Domain’s video conferencing software for online meetings.They become easier for both the presenters as well as participants.

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